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ViewedIt is the easiest way for anyone to create, send and track video. And it’s free!

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One click screen

Whether you’re capturing your browser or entire desktop, start recording in just one click.

Send video in email

Adding your new video to an email is a snap. Plus, ViewedIt can automagically create thumbnails that will get people watching.

Get notified when people watch

See who’s watching your videos and track performance with the ViewedIt Activity Feed and email notifications.


Yes! We believe in the power of video creation and storytelling and want to give it to everyone.

ViewedIt is for anyone who wants to communicate better, clearer and faster, but who finds creating videos to be too hard.

Here’s how teams are using ViewedIt:

Sales: to enhance pitches and wow prospects by quickly showing off the features and benefits that matter to them

Support: to easily capture and share step-by-step how-to and support videos that help close cases faster

Developers and Designers: to effectively share their work with their team and customers

Product Managers: to effectively communicate with all stakeholders

Marketing: to create recorded presentations and killer product demos for sales

Enablement: to deliver and track internal and external content like sales training, product training and certifications

Who else?… anyone with something to share or a story to tell can use ViewedIt to get their message across!

How will YOU use ViewedIt? Drop us a note ( or tweet: @Viewed_It, we’d love to hear and help!

Downloading videos is not a feature we currently have, but we’re working on some updates in the near future!

In the meantime, you can share your videos using Gmail or any email client you use.

Currently you can access ViewedIt videos that you have shared with others in the ViewedIt feed.

We are working to develop a service to allow for more robust management of your recorded content including accessing all past videos. Stay tuned for more updates on this!

Your video will never be deleted, so as long as you have your link it will be available to you and people you shared the video with.

Our recording limit is 1 hour. You can record as many videos as you’d like. Enjoy!

We are currently working to develop the service to allow for more robust management of your recorded content including video deletion.

Your videos will only be accessible through the URL provided unless shared on social networks or embedded on websites. Providing someone directly with the URL through an email is the best way to prevent others from seeing it.

If you have a specific video recorded with confidential information, please contact us at and we will remove it as soon as possible.

You can add a link to your ViewedIt video to any email by simply pasting it in. When you’re using Gmail, there are a couple of extra perks.
  • ViewedIt button: Select the ViewedIt icon in the composer to insert your last recorded video
  • Auto thumbnail generator: ViewedIt will automatically add a thumbnail image for your video in Gmail

ViewedIt notifications are updates about how people are interacting with your videos.

ViewedIt Feed notifications: Notifications you receive in the ViewedIt app that tell you how many people are watching your videos, highlight known viewers and show you overall engagement trends with your video.

Email notifications: Notifications you receive via email when known viewers watch your video. These notifications provide more detail about how long known viewers stayed tuned in, what they re-watched and skipped.

When you send a ViewedIt video using Gmail, the viewer’s email address is automatically attached to each view. This allows you to track what they watched, when and for how long. This information can be found in the ViewedIt Feed and email notifications that come to your inbox.

Videos sent through other email services or shared through social media will not be linked to a specific viewer. People who watch your video through these links will appear as ”other viewers“.